Tap The Monsters


Initially, the project was conceived as a sample of the pen, for internal use, because the team does not even have an artist.

After its initial implementation, there was a need to check the publication of applications in the AppStore and the project went into production.

The idea of this game is simple, you need to release the monsters.
A group of monsters of the same color standing nearby can be released by clicking on it.
The more monsters released at a time, the more points the player gets.
The game features 20 achievements and 3 game modes:

In this mode, there is a limited number of monsters on the field. The game ends when there are no more combinations to release.

There is an unlimited number of monsters and time on the field, but the difficulty level gradually increases.


Release it at your own pleasure.
In this mode, there is an unlimited number of monsters and time on the field.
Scoring points is purely for fun.