Sai Warriors


Matching mechanics combined with a shooter in the vastness of space will make your immersion in the world of science fiction complete and interesting.

At the moment, we have already implemented the mechanics of matching - along with additional chips, a meta-game — the player's panel interacts with the enemy environment, the objects of space have their own clear logic of behavior. Now the team is working on improving the visual component and finalizing the server part of the game. We still have a lot to implement, everything that we have planned, but we will try to make sure that the main part is already implemented at the time of the closed beta testing.

  • Attack enemy ships! There are many levels waiting for you in PvE mode;
  • Fight with other players! Show your skills in the PvP Arena;
  • Collect weapons! Different versions of weapons are available for you;
  • Team up with your teammates! participate in the development of your guild;
  • Collect rewards! rewards for your progress after each adventure;
  • A large selection of ships and a unique leveling system;
  • Various types of ships for battles in space;
  • PvP battles with a 3×3 team maximum;
  • The leaderboard in the style of survival.