Or maybe your dream is to be a pirate and rob imperial caravans, suddenly appearing in civilized space and just as suddenly disappearing beyond it?
Create your own ships and pump their modules, extracting valuable resources by looting, bounty hunting, fulfilling the will of the powerful, or simply mining minerals in asteroid belts?

We really want to do this together with you and your friends. That is why we started to realize these dreams in a new project with the working title of ORGANIZATION!

At the moment, we have an idea framework ready:

Flight and engine physics
Weapons system
Damage system
Constructor of ships from basic blocks
We would very much like to do only this project, but so far it is possible to do it 2 weeks after 2 months for financial reasons. And yes, we've already spent a whole month developing it! =)
We hope to open a project page on Croudfundung and raise the necessary funds for our project, but in the meantime, WE SMILE AND PLOW!