Darkanoid is a 21st century update of the challenging, frantically paced block-breakers of old. Enter the void and fight your way through a hardcore gaming experience from the heyday of action arcade games.
The game features two main modes.

Classic mode is a painful trial in the best tradition of the genre.
There are currently 40 levels and 4 Bosses. This will prove more than enough if you're willing to move beyond the easiest difficulty. Choose from 3 different levels of difficulty - Noob, Padawan and Master. How much of a challenge you are looking for?
In order to give you some hope of victory, we've included 11 different special effects and power-ups. Some will make the game easier, some will be challenging to use, and one will be dangerous even to you.
Your firegun and shield will be your main tools in Darkanoid. To give you an idea of the harshness of space, we've also added Teleports and Flying Blocks.
What would you say to a double-platform on the BONUS levels?
BONUS levels are located at the other end of a wormhole, but of course it's not *that* easy. First you must find the chip key and defeat the boss guarding the wormhole.
Black Zone engineers worked for many cycles to provide Cosmic Aid, a second chance for your platform if things don't go smoothly. Visit the Store to customize your platform with a unique upgrade. Of course for all these improvements, you'll need Darkens, which are hidden inside the hardest blocks and on BONUS levels.

In Survival mode, you must break through a wave of blocks, drones and bosses, all moving towards you. Your task is to survive as long as possible. You start with one life, and can only earn additional lives by defeating a Boss.
Will you survive to approach the outer limits of the Dark Zone? Survival mode also includes two unique power-ups: Entropy and Kelvin Zero.

In a nutshell:
- 2 game modes
- 40 levels in Classic mode
- adaptive wave system in Survival mode
- 3 levels of difficulty in Classic mode
- 11 different power-ups available – hit them and they'll activate immediately
- Teleports and Drones to increase the challenge
- BONUS levels available in Classic mode
- platform shield with one-click activation
- default firegun, plus three big weapons to unlock
- unique resource – Darkens
- 13 skins, each with its own upgrade
- Steam achievements