TOP games of August 2021

The editors of the Gameskeys portal shared a list of the best games released in August of this year, SAI Warriors also placed among the other applications.

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Soft launch approaching!

It is expected that everything necessary for the soft launch of Sai warriors will not be ready until May 20. Until then, all developers will be preparing for the release of the version. Version 0.0.5 is already available on Android and iOS, but it is not yet available to everyone. Let's see why this happened and what not everyone has had the opportunity to test the current version yet.

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Darkanoid: Big changes

The team is preparing a whole bunch of new mechanics in Darkanoid. Very soon, players will be able to see new levels, boss, PvP mode and fan service.
All these innovations will be added after the release of Darkanoid on mobile platforms.

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A long time ago, in a distant galaxy, two talented people decided to make high-quality and unique games.
In 2019, there were more ambitions and it was decided to unite passionate people who love to play and make games under the leadership of Shezo Games:
Our team is a team of talented and dedicated people who have come together to make their mark on the gaming industry.

Our mission is to make games that will give a unique and positive gaming experience. Each player has their own set of favorite games, and we hope and work hard to make our games become so.

The team already has experience in releasing PC and mobile games. Now in the portfolio there is a game - Darkanoid, as well as in the development of a long-term mobile project - SAI Warriors.

  • Ed Novikov

    Game Designer & Project Manager

  • Roman Gorbunov

    Backend developer

  • Pavel Katyshev

    Frontend developer

  • Sofia Shevtsova

    Community manager & Level Designer


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    We are located:
    Russia, Kaliningrad, Vatutina str. 18, 236010

    Email for communication and cooperation: or

    Or send us a message using the form below:

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